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The MorphoLeaf application allows you to extract the contour of multiple leaf images and identify their biologically-relevant landmarks.

These landmarks are then used to quantify morphological parameters of individual leaves and to reconstruct average leaf shapes.

MorphoLeaf is developed by the Modeling and Digital Imaging and the Transcription Factors and Architecture teams of the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, INRA Versailles, France, and the Biophyscis and Development group at RDP, Lyon.

LATEST RELEASE: MorphoLeaf v1.16.1 (2023/05/23)


Project manager

> Create a new MorphoLeaf project
> Load an existing MorphoLeaf project

Extract contour

> Extraction of the leaf contour
> Positioning of the petiole/blade junction

Extract sinus

> Extraction of the leaf tip and teeth sinuses

Extract tips


> Hierarchisation of the teeth


> Extraction of quantitative leaf and teeth parameters


> Reconstruction of average shapes


Galleries and Videos

Arabidopsis Northern Oak Human Hands
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Conditions of use

MorphoLeaf is freely available for academic research or teaching purposes. Please contact us for any other usage. MorphoLeaf is distributed as is, without any warranty of any kind.

We advise you to subscribe to the diffusion list before downloading and using MorphoLeaf. Please subscribe to the diffusion list before downloading and using MorphoLeaf.


Any publication of results generated using Free-D must include the following reference:

Mohamed Oughou, Eric Biot, Nicolas Arnaud, Aude Maugarny-Calès, Patrick Laufs, Philippe Andrey and Jasmine Burguet (2023). Model-based reconstruction of whole organ growth dynamics reveals invariant patterns in leaf morphogenesis?, Quantitative Plant Biology DOI :

Biot E, Cortizo M, Burguet J, Kiss A, Oughou M, Maugarny-Calès A, Gonçalves B, Adroher B, Andrey P, Boudaoud A, Laufs P( 2016). Multiscale quantification of morphodynamics: MorphoLeaf software for 2D shape analysis Development 143, 3417-3428; doi: 10.1242/dev.134619

Andrey P & Maurin Y (2005). Free-D: an integrated environment for three-dimensional reconstruction from serial sections. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 145, 233-244.

MorphoLeaf plugin

Version Date Ubuntu64 Debian64 Windows MacOSX
1.14 2017.03.23 Download
(Ubuntu 16.04)
(Debian 8.7)
(Windows 64)
(MacOS 10.6 -10.11)
1.15 2019.01.14 Download
(Ubuntu 18.04)
X Download
(Windows 64)
(MacOS 10.10 -10.13)
1.16 2023.05.23 Download
(from Ubuntu 22.04)

Press release

Data Set

Arabidopsis Northern Oak Human Hands
Download Download Download

Instructions for plugin installation:

For version 1.16:
Unzip the zip archive ''.
Install with 'sudo apt install libtiff5-dev libfftw3-dev libhdf5-dev libyaml-dev'
Launch freed in a console, load your images and launch MorphoLeaf 1.16 in the "plugins" Free-D menu.

Before version 1.16:
Download Free-D Software
Create a new folder "plugins" in the folder that contains the Free-d application.
Move the file "libmorpholeaf_1.xx" in the plugins folder.
Start Free-D, load your pictures and start MorphoLeaf in the "plugins" Free-D menu.



Download here the Morpholeaf software manual (version 1.0, PDF).


Eric Biot (eric biot AT inrae fr)

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